Maidenhead Civic Society is the town's leading amenity group.  It has around 350 members and gives effective voice to making your views known on what goes on around you in the Town.  It may be a housing development that doesn't fit.  It could be litter problems.  It could be lack of shopping facilities.  It could be the promotion and pursuit of a new facility for the Town.  In fact it could be any feature that needs changing or improving or protecting.
Since its formation in 1960 the Society, which is apolitical, has successfully lobbied for positive change in Maidenhead and has directly implemented a number of projects to enhance the character and amenity of the town and its environment.
As a registered charity, the Society is governed by a Board of Trustees that meets several times a year and which is responsible for the overall direction of our efforts.  Day-to-day business is carried out by the Executive Committee which consists of the chairmen of the various specialist groups

The Society has influence in proportion to the number of its members.  That is why YOU and others like you who care about Maidenhead should consider joining us to influence the Town’s development and make the difference