Over the years, the Civic Society has participated in a number of major studies in connection with the development of Maidenhead’s infrastructure and overall plan, as well as commissioning its own reviews. These are of particular importance because of the long-term implications to the town.
The Strategic Review:
Maidenhead has a long and successful history. As a result, it has been exposed to continuous and often rapid change, retaining few features, man-made or other, that make a town visually attractive. Moreover, its facilities, services and amenities have grown haphazardly, without any real plan or coherence. They have been introduced piecemeal and, through the years, have formed a series of ‘patchwork-quilt’ responses to immediate needs. The Strategic Review by the Society aimed to encourage a more coherent approach to what is needed – to identify long and short-term objectives for the continuous upgrading of those features which will make and keep the Town an attractive place in which to live and work.
The full document can be downloaded here
Town Centre Plan: - click on image to see enlarged
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Outline designs for a new town square were submitted by the Civic Society in response to the Council’s consultation on the future of Maidenhead Town Centre.

The idea for creating an attractive, open-space meeting place, a focal point at the heart of the civic centre, was first set out in the Society’s ‘Strategic Review’ in 2004, following a survey of members’ views.

Since then it has been one of our top three priorities for change as part of the need for town centre regeneration, along with an integrated transport hub and a policy for protecting the Thames riverside which are both now enshrined in the council’s Core Strategy.  The town square plan will form part of the Society’s detailed response to the council’s document ‘Maidenhead Town Centre Towards 2026’ which was recently launched at the Town Hall.