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Good Idea But Give Us Something To Be Proud Of…(September 2009)
The plans for a budget hotel opposite Maidenhead Railway station fall short of expectations, according to Maidenhead Civic Society.
The Society welcomed the idea of the hotel in principle but felt that the disappointing design and inadequate transport arrangements let the application down.
“This is a prime site, centre stage in the vista that greets people arriving in town by train. The design should better reflect the importance of the location; at the moment it is somewhat utilitarian,” said Martin McNamee, chairman of the society’s planning group. “At a time when a serious attempt is being made to encourage town centre regeneration for the future, we found this disappointing.”
Members of the planning group were also critical of the lack of parking and drop-off facilities in the application. “It is just naïve to assume that everyone will arrive on foot, or be happy to be dropped off in the station car park and cross the busy dual carriageway,” said Mr McNamee. He added that he hoped changes could be made because a hotel in this location would be a very welcome asset.
In two other submissions to the council’s planning department, the Civic Society applauded the “consistently high standard” of design from Maidenhead Housing Association. The comments were made in respect of a development of 11 houses and 25 flats planned for the former day centre in Brunel Road, Larchfield. The Society also complimented the Association’s planned redevelopment of Boyn Grove in Courthouse Road into a new learning day centre for the disabled. The scheme includes a new car park area to serve the adjacent recreational area on Punt Hill, which the group said was a welcome bonus.
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