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Make Riverside More Welcoming, says Civic Society
Maidenhead Civic Society has thrown its weight behind a campaign to make the Riverside more welcoming to visitors.
The Society wants to see a concerted effort made to realise the area’s potential, with better facilities particularly for pedestrians and walkers.
Their list includes:
  • the creation of safe pedestrian crossing points
  • the completion of the missing link in the Thames Path to Bridge Gardens
  • the reinstatement of a bandstand and summer events
“We were pleased to see the turf laying along the river side and we are delighted that, in principle, the idea of a pedestrian bridge from Boulters to the S. Bucks bank has been welcomed but there is a need for a holistic approach to leisure use in Riverside,” said Martin McNamee, chairman of the society’s planning group.
The shortcomings had been highlighted this summer by a greater number of visitors, the re-opening of Boulters restaurant and the accident near Riverside Gardens in which a man was knocked down by a car.
Martin added: “Everyone likes to see people using the riverside but we not very good at making them feel welcome – or safe.”
The Society’s suggestions, which also include properly managed public moorings and the occasional pedestrianisation of parts of Ray Mead Road, will feature in its revised strategic review of amenity Making Maidenhead A Better Place due to be published later this month.
For further information: Martin McNamee – 01628 623203