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Civic Society urges Safety First over Badnells lorries

Maidenhead Civic Society says the Council must put safety first when considering an application to increase the number of lorry movements involved in the decontamination of the former Badnells Pit.

Permission has already been granted for 200 vehicle movements a day to remove contaminated waste from the site. But now the developers want to raise that to 300 a day to speed up the process.

The Civic Society says that more lorries mean greater risk. A formal written response to the application from the Society’s Planning Group states:

“We can see little need to accelerate the rate of decontamination work, and believe there is little enthusiasm amongst residents for an increase in the number of daily vehicle movements.

“There are many uncertainties with this project – congestion on the site, access to and from it, the inadequate width of the temporary haul route over Town Moor, and the increased risk of accident and pollution associated with an increased level of activity. It appears that a fully laden lorry is required to leave the site every three minutes and the achievability of this rate will be driven by the number of loading points and the time required to fill each lorry. Many lorries may be standing idle, adding to pollution and the objective of speeding up the process may not be achieved.”

Society’ planning group chairman, Martin McNamee, said: “Presumably the original proposal represented the optimum operating schedule. So we see no reason for a change that, if successful, will have only a dubious benefit of accelerating the completion of the work by approximately three months.”

For further information: Martin McNamee – 01628 623203