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Civic Society Urges Caution over Whitebrook Park Development (April 2009)

A new office development in Maidenhead Riverside could set a dangerous precedent and threaten the Thameside Green Belt, according to the Civic Society.

Plans to replace the former Stiefel Laboratory on Whitebrook Park with a bigger office block represented overdevelopment of the site, says the Society in a submission to the Council this week.

The new glass-clad building would increase the existing office space nearly threefold, with an enlarged footprint and the addition of a third storey.

The Society makes no comment about the building’s mainly glass elevations but does express concern about the significant increase in footprint, the positioning of the building on the site and the much larger car park. “The size of the proposed development and its potential impact on flood risk and run-off must require the approval of the Environment Agency,” says the Society.
The increased footprint brings the proposed building very close to the site’s south-east boundary and, with the new third storey, means that it will overlook adjacent residential properties in Islet Park Drive which the Society says this would be “unneighbourly”.
Martin McNamee, chairman of the Society’s planning group, said: “The original development of Whitebrook Park on the old De La Rue site caused considerable local concern. We are not against appropriate office development in the right place, far from it, but we believe this proposal represents overdevelopment. If the plan is approved without amendment, it could set a precedent for further development; then the Green Belt area to the east becomes vulnerable.”
The Society also said the development would result in many additional vehicle movements and that consideration should be given to the provision of an “office park” shuttle bus service.
For further information: Martin McNamee – 01628 623203